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Tropical Fruit

• Made with 100% Real Fruit Juice!

• Provides 30% USDA Vitamin A & D and 100% Vitamin C.

• Naturally No Carbonation, Fat, Cholesterol, or Caffeine.

• Available in over 30 flavors

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Tropical Sports Drinks are made with 100% real fruit juice.

• Vitamin A,C,D & potassium.

• Balanced with electrolytes for hydration.

• Available in five flavors

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Nutritional Frozen Drinks

Tropical Beverages custom drink programs are second to none and can accommodate all your customers’ special needs.



Cappuccinos & Shakes

• Prepared with real milk (shipped as a concentrate)

• Less than 28g of sugar

• Vitamin A,C & D (as prepared with 1%  milk)

• Available in coffee and traditional flavors

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Fruit Smoothies

• 100% fruit juice


• Prepared with real milk


• Fortified with Vitamins A, C & D


• Available in numerous flavors


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