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Tropical Beverages is the Colorado Tropical Flurry Master Distributor. We partner with Schools, Restaurants, Concession, and other food or snack serving venues. Together we provide a high quality and great tasting frozen drink product to the consumer.

Tropical Flurry products are produced in a state-of-the-art blending facility that blends beverages for distribution worldwide. In business since 1947, our blender is unmatched in delivering uniquely blended, great-tasting, quality products.

Our blending facility is one of the few that meets and complies with all the strict HACCP requirements. This assures our customers top quality products. In the United States, the FDA has taken a leadership position promoting the system.

The idea is to identify potential parts of handling and processing that could lead to potential contamination, then put into place a system that measures safety precautions to insure the process is safe from beginning to end. (click here to read more on HACCP)

Over the past several decades, customers have become more concerned with food and beverage safety. Even a single incident of poisoning can cause serious problems for a business. Thus, with the use of these strict controls, the chances of there ever being a problem is reduced nearly to zero.


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